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5 Signs You Are On Your Phone Too Much

Have you ever thought about putting your iPhone down for a moment? Yeah, the struggle is real – we know. When those latest Instagram posts are on fleek, and the crew is down to chill, it can be hard to pull ourselves away from a mobile device for even a minute. Unfortunately, your actual fam may not feel the same sense of connection to the screen in your hand. Stop ignoring bae for a moment and see if you’re one of those people who are on their phone too often.

Bae is Neglected

You should never let your phone come between you and the bae. Quality time with your partner (maybe some Netflix and chill) is more worthwhile than updating Twitter or Pinterest. Your partner, no matter how lit they may be, needs some quality time with you.

Memes Aplenty

Apparently, the reason we hang out with the crew in real life is that we enjoy their company. It’s cool to show off some funny memes, but don’t let the conversation topics rely solely on the latest post from Reddit or Instagram.


It’s totally not chill to spend all your time face-to-face with someone. The only thing worse is spending zero time with them. You need to find a healthy medium between phone time and face time – and we don’t mean that fire app on the iPhone.

Physical Pain

Okay, seriously, if you’re experiencing any physical pain from being on the phone too often, that is totally not chill. Constant phone use may cause your gorgeous, Instagram-worthy complexion to break out in acne.


If you feel a bit anxious when your phone isn’t in your hand, you may suffer from nomophobia, which is a very real, very uncool sickness that already infects most of the crew.

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