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Alright, alright we know we are a week late on this for the Masters! The good news is these apps are more about playing golf than watching it! Do you play a lot of golf? If so, you may want to check these out to help you improve your game! Yes, I did look at ratings some, but mainly I used the apps to determine these rankings so they are mostly my opinion!

  1. Golfshot - This app allows you to keep stats on your past rounds, track your handicap and will give you the distance from shot to center of green on any course! It’s like a range finder on your phone! Best of all for only $5 per month you can plot out distances from your shot to other landmarks. For example, if you have a dogleg right and can only hit it 220 without going through the fairway this app will tell you that instead of only the distance to the hole! Plus the flyover part that shows you the hole layout can be extremely helpful!
  2. Surpreme Golf - This app is great for making tee times! This app is basically the Expedia of tee times! It will give you all of the tee times from a plethora of tee time apps all in one place! This allows you to get the most options and the best prices!
  3. Weather Channel - Alright this one may be a little tongue in cheek because you don’t want to play golf in the rain, but if you want to get technical it can help with humidity and wind to help you make necessary yardage adjustments!
  4. PGA Tour Live - Well this is just obvious, get all the information and news you need and also watch some of your favorite golfers! I mean really, what is better than playing golf while watching golf on your phone?!? Crickets….

Hope you liked these apps, if you have other ones, let us know we’d love to hear from you!


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