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Extend your Battery Life Part 1

Extend Time between charges!

1. Find out what is using your phone's battery

If you have an Android:
Android Settings > Battery Menu > Check out the health report
If you have an Apple Device:
Settings > Battery > Look at your activity levels > Can also use the battery health option to see if it is possible that you may just need a simple battery replacement to get your phone back to fully functioning as expected.
Android and Apple both have an option to put your phone into low battery mode, or battery saving mode, which will reduce some of the features that chances are you won’t even notice are gone!


2. Stop apps running in the background

You can “kill” or hard stop your apps from running by fully closing them down, on androids there are a few ways this is done on the newer iPhones push up and hold from bottom and then swipe your apps away to kill them.


3. Reduce the screen brightness

This one is an obvious and can be very helpful in improving battery life.



4. Reduce the Sleep timeout

Simply by shortening the amount of time before your phone goes to sleep you can drastically improve your battery life.



5. Turn off vibration

I know it seems strange, but phone vibration can even impact your battery life, so if you are just looking for your phone to make it through the day, try taking it off of vibrate and moving it to silent.


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