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Google and Huawei No more!

Google has officially dropped Huawei!

Huawei is no longer going to be supported by Google. Huawei is currently the 2nd largest smartphone provider in the world, behind only Samsung. They have been aiming for achieving the title of the biggest smartphone provider by the year of 2020, but Samsung will now be able to pull away with Huawei no longer having access to the Google apps and having to make their own modifications on the Android Play Store.

This will certainly impact their ability to continue to grow, especially in the short term as people will begin to look elsewhere. While Huawei is no longer a player in the U.S. market it is still a huge player worldwide and this is undoubtedly going to slow their ability to grow!

With the U.S having cut Huawei down at their knees, is it possible that this continues from other U.S based companies? Will this create competition worldwide to challenge the Android market? Will this be a breaking point for Huawei? What will Google do to replace the business? It will certainly be interesting to see how the markets shift after this announcement!


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