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How to Grow on Instagram 2019

Who doesn't want to grow on Instagram?!

Alright so you are here because you want to grow on Instagram! Maybe you have a business, a brand, maybe a personal brand, or you just want more followers for yourself! There are many ways that you can do this right now! These are real tips, tips that won't blacklist your account, tips that won't give you low quality followers, and what really matters, TIPS THAT WORK!


1. Use a scheduler!

Hootsuite or something along those lines is the #1 key to easy, consistent growth on Instagram. For example, I run 3 Instagram pages, I purchased Hootsuite 2 months ago I have grown each page by over 30% in the last 2 months, when before that I was growing about 2% per month! Scheudling helps you be consistent first of all, put out more content secondly, and finally it allows you to POST AT THE SAME TIMES EACH DAY! That is the real secret, that is what will rapidly grow your following!


2. Cancel your social growth, growth hack bot!

There are tons of them out there, but if you have a bot commenting on people's posts the same thing or if you have them following/unfollowing accounts, your account will be black balled by Instagram no matter what that company says! Those things just don't work, Instagram knows its not you and your organic growth and views will drop! Also, those followers are not high quality followers that you want!


3. Comment, Comment, Comment.

Yes I just said cancel your commenting service, now do it yourself! Type in something that relates to you whether it be golf, fitness, your location no matter what it is, go to recent or top, and comment on the top 10 posts in each of those areas something meaningful to the post! Don't comment the same thing on every post. Take 3 minutes think about the post, the caption, and write something that truly pertains to that post! 


4. Use relevant hashtags!

Don't post something and then tag some completely different hashtag! I promise you Instagram is scanning for that and won't show your post to the same amount of people! 


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