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Instagram hiding likes?

Imagine not knowing how many likes Kim K just got?

Well, have you heard the news? Instagram is piloting hiding the likes your posts receive in Canada! Instagram is actually considering no longer showing users the amount of likes there are on other photos! It seems to me like this has been a baseline on Instagram since it’s founding! I can’t imagine going through Instagram and not seeing any likes.

I have a couple of different view points on this, and really can see both sides of it:

Instagram stated that they wanted people to worry less about the amount of likes that they are getting, and instead be more focused on engaging and communicating with people they are close to on the social network. Alright, that’s fair, I get that in theory seems like a good idea. This can also help curtail with people talking poorly about each other due to something as silly as instagram likes (can you believe that is seriously a thing? Ok I won’t go down the “well when I grew up” or “these millennials” rabbit hole)

Now on the other side I see it as who cares?!? You shouldn’t be worried about who is liking your posts or the way that looks! Post what you want, because you want to and because you want to share it with people you are close to not because of how many likes it will get! Stay true to yourself regardless of the number of likes that are on the page!

My only other concern with this is what it will do to businesses and Instagram personalities! Imagine one day not knowing that Kim Kardashian got 1.6 million likes? Or that MobileLuv got 55 likes or that T-Mobile posted something and got 150k likes? What will this do to influencers when suddenly it doesn’t show Gary Vee’s 200k likes or all of the likes that Odell Beckham Jr gets! Some people live solely off the money they make from Instagram and most of that comes from seeing how many followers and likes that their posts get!

Obviously, I can see both sides here, but I think messing with this part of the app is very dangerous for the future success of the app! People are competitive and want to win and I also think this leads to more posting on the app. Between that and the other reasons I lean towards not messing with this part of instagram!

What are your thoughts?


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