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How would you like an extra $250?

Are you looking to save/make some extra money? I know it’s a silly question isn’t everyone trying to do that? If you’re like me you want to save more money, make more money, and have more fun with your money that you currently have right? Well, how are you supposed to make more money, while saving money, and while having more fun with your money?!?! In order to do this in the past you needed a big confusing difficult to stick to budget and all sorts of envelopes and a vast understanding of stocks or some other sort of business, not anymore!

There are so many apps now that can help you manage your money, help you save money, and maybe even help you have some more fun with your money!

Here are a few of my Favorites from different categories:

Acorns - This app isn’t designed to help you make money (at least not enough to speak of), but it is a great way to save money! The basic principle of this app is it will pull a certain amount (set by you) out of your bank account each week. This basically forces you to save. The app also rounds up every purchase you make and puts that in the account as well. So if you buy a drink for 2.78 it will deposit 22 cents into your account, you don’t miss that .22 cents and now you just saved it! This app will also grow your money by investing it! Personally, I haven’t seen huge results from this, but it is better than having it just sit in your checking or savings account! I would definitely recommend this as a savings app!
Google Opinion Rewards - This is an app I recently found and like so far. You aren’t going to get rich quick, but you can slowly accumulate some extra money for very little effort! Basically, you fill out surveys, get paid, and it’s reliable as it is backed by Google!
Upside - My favorite way to make some additional money is through doing things that I already do regularly! This app allows me to do that! I get gas, upload a picture of my receipt and typically get between .3 cents and .15 cents per gallon! Again you won’t get rich here, but if you do it consistently you have an extra savings of $20-30 before too long!

These are just a few of many apps that can help you save and make some extra money with very little effort! I would say (obviously heavily dependent on how much money you have in your acorns account, but for this let’s say $500) you could pick up an extra $4-5 per week! Life changing? No. Nice to make an extra $250 a year for little to no effort? Absolutely!

Do you have other apps that you like? Let us know!


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