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Most Common Symptoms of Nomophobia

Everyone has experienced that sudden panic when you realize you have misplaced or lost your phone. However, for those with nomophobia, they have severe physical, mental, and emotional symptoms when they are apart from their mobile phone. The mere mention of being apart or out of contact with their phone can send a person with nomophobia spinning in anxiety. If you think you may be one of the unlucky few that has this modern diagnosis, read through these symptoms.


When Nomophobia Hits

Most people begin feeling symptoms when they are faced with a lost phone, lack of reception, or dead phone battery. They may start to feel initial shock or anxiety as they begin to think about not having their phone available. They may avoid face-to-face interactions in favor of their phone and feel an emotional pull when they aren’t on the phone. Nomophobia can become worse in stressful situations or uncomfortable social environments.


Symptoms of Nomophobia

If this sounds like it could be you, you may want to read through these symptoms that most people experience.


·         Anxiety

·         Increased respiratory speed

·         Trembling

·         Agitation

·         Perspiration

·         Disorientation

·         Tachycardia

·         Depression

·         Panic

·         Fear

·         Loneliness


Treatment of Nomophobia

The treatment for nomophobia is relatively new, as this particular disorder hasn’t been around for long. Many mental health professionals recommend a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy along with medication for anxiety or depression. While the concept of nomophobia may be humorous for some, it can be life-altering for others. At MobileLuv, we understand the fear and anxiety that goes without having a working phone. That is why we do our best to repair your phone fast.


For more information about our iPhone and smartphone repair services, contact MobileLuv at (305) 792-5703 today. We have convenient walk-in locations with same-day service in South Florida – most iPhone repairs can be done in 30 minutes or less. Our locations in Aventura and Fort Lauderdale serve surrounding areas including Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Hallandale Beach, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors and more.


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