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Read This Before Buying a Refurbished Phone

So you want a brand new phone but lack the cash to drop on a brand spankin’ new one? Refurbished phones are a fantastic option for those looking to get an updated smartphone without the large price tag. However, when choosing the right refurbished phone, there are some things you need to know. MobileLuv has all the information you need to get a great deal and walk away happy.


Purchase from a Trustworthy Source

Many shady characters out there peddle used phones at a discounted price. Buyer beware! You should never purchase a phone from anyone unless they have the creds and reputation to back up their claim of quality. You should only trust companies that are legit. This means companies with business licenses, a team of professionals, and a warranty.


Why You Should Buy Refurbished

It is well known that brand new cars have diminished monetary value the moment they are driven off the car lot. That is why many people purchase used cars; it is just simply a smarter financial decision. Phones are the same way. Right when you break the seal on a phone, the value goes down. Refurbished phones are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and repaired (if needed) to act exactly like a brand new phone, at a discounted price. When you purchase a refurbished phone, you are definitely making some seriously smart adult decisions.


How Much Can I Save?

The amount you will save by choosing refurbished depends heavily on the brand and model of phone. It will also depend on the condition of the phone itself. The newer the phone is, the less you may save. Still, you can expect anywhere from 15-50% savings on a refurbished phone when compared to brand new. For details, contact one of the money savvy team members at MobileLuv.


For more information about our iPhone and smartphone repair services, contact MobileLuv at (305) 792-5703 today. We have convenient walk-in locations with same-day service in South Florida – most iPhone repairs can be done in 30 minutes or less. Our locations in Aventura and Fort Lauderdale serve surrounding areas including Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Hallandale Beach, Oakland Park, and more.


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