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Samsung Galaxy S10

The latest and greatest from Samsung

Have you seen the new Samsung S10?


Have you at least heard about some of the great features of it?


Well let me give you some here:

  1. Smart battery to improve battery life, and also will give you the ability to charge other devices by putting them up against the new S10!
  2. Double click the power button to open the camera!
  3. Create a GIF right from the camera!
  4. Line up your pictures before you take them!
  5. Use the multiple types of cameras to always ensure the best picture!
  6. A kid's mode that sets your phone up to be kid friendly if you have little one's that like to use your phone!
  7. Create a private folder to hide your apps and files!


These are just some of the great features of the Samsung S10! Do you have more? Let us know!


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