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Selfie 101: How to Take the Perfect Selfie Every Time

If you don’t take a selfie, were you ever really there? Taking a selfie with your fam while you are out on the town is a time-honored tradition. However, do you ever end up with a few that look like the forward-facing camera has caught you by surprise? Yeah, that’s not attractive. Thankfully, we know a few simple ways you can perfect your selfie skills and get the perfect picture every time.


Look up

When you look up, you thin your face, your eyes can appear bigger, and the perspective can include more of your crew. Stretching your arm up while balancing your phone tends to be the most popular option, but selfie sticks make it way easier to achieve the right height. If you travel often or take a lot of group photos, a selfie stick is a great investment.


Think about Lighting

We have seen some pretty dim and dark selfies. Face the direction of the sun to lighten your face. You ain’t a vampire! If it’s too bright, find a shady spot or throw on some shades. Sometimes you have to wait for your phone lens to adjust to the change in light. Give your phone a second and snap away.


Lay off the Filters

Everyone has that one friend who filters the soul out of every selfie on their Facebook or Instagram. Filters are a great way to improve your photos when they’re used in moderation. Choose only one or two and stick with them.


Choose the Right Hashtag

So you have taken the perfect selfie, but now you need the perfect hashtag. Create a combination of you and your friend’s names; think #Bradgelina (RIP). Perhaps incorporate the location or a feeling into your hashtag. Whatever you choose, that should be the theme for your social posts for the day (or night).


Can’t take a selfie because your phone is busted? For more information about our iPhone and smart phone repair services, contact MobileLuv at (305) 792-5703 today.


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Keep your selfie game strong. #mobileluv #muchluv


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