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What is Extended Reality?

VR, MR, AI, AR, other letters and R, what does it all mean?

I am sure by now you have heard of AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality). But what about MR and ER? No, I don't mean the ER I mean ER living in ER! Extended reality is the new umbrella term for VR, MR, and AR. This umbrella term will cover the way that we live our lives and the world that we live in in the next 15 years! 


15 years from now you will always be in an augmented reality! You will be walking down the street with elephants and dinosaurs walking next to you that are so realistic you won't be sure what is real and what isn't! You probably think that I am crazy right now, but you already live in a virtual world! You walk around staring at your phone more worried about what happens there than what happens in front of you already! So why is it so hard to believe that in 15 years you will wear a pair of glasses that put you in an augmented world! 


In 15 years you will be walking down the street wearing sunglasses and you will look at our MobileLuv store and a pop up will appear and tell you MobileLuv is the highest rated laptop, tablet, phone, (at this point technology, ear piece, IoT device) repair shop in the world! You'll walk past Best Buy Geek Squad and it'll pop up and say all our customers went to MobileLuv because they are priced better and have better service! Lol, alright but on a serious note how crazy is that technology to think of? It is going to be simply incredible! Anyways just a quick glimpse into what is to come! What do you think about Extended Reality? What are you most excited about with it?


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